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10 personalized gift ideas

Posted on July 28th, 2016

Gifts are always a good way to show someone your love and care. Gifts are often given during lifetime occasions, such as birthdays and graduations. Nonetheless, some gifts are more special than others to the recipient as it is personalised; adjusted to that person's preference. In this article, ten personalized gift ideas are presented.

1. Canvas art sketch

Firstly, one can consider a personalized canvas art sketch. At Sketch My Photo, you can upload a photo and have it turned into a sketch. Specify the need for a hard copy as this would enable you to gift the canvas physically. It can be used as home decoration once it is framed up, a proud display for all to see.

2. Homemade card

Secondly, we can consider a homemade card. Instead of spending money mindlessly on a generic card, a homemade card would be special as it would involve time and effort. You can make it a pop-up card as a nice surprise. While it looks tricky, the mechanism involved is simple.

3. Personalized notebook

Next, you can consider making a personal notebook. First, decide whether you would prefer a lined page notebook or a blank page notebook. Then, proceed to decorate the front cover if necessary (you can also decorate the back portion). In between the pages, be creative! Write quotes, draw doodles and others. You can also enclose a small envelope of pictures if desired.

4. Terrarium

Then, a terrarium can be considered as a lovely personalised gift. Bear in mind, however, that this option would be one of the costlier ones. A terrarium is a sealed transparent globe where miniature plants and animals can live in. It is not necessary to include living creatures. A terrarium can be used for the sole purpose of decoration.

5. Decorative origami jar

A jar can be turned into something spectacular. Similar to the previous idea, it is also used for decoration. Find an empty jar, either rounded or narrow. You can fill it with origami cranes or stars, for example. These are common as they signify well wishes, dreams and hopes. Alternatively, you can include rolled up messages. It would be a delight to unroll each scroll to read its contents.


Next, if you have a book-loving friend, this is the gift to consider. While some people are not picky, using receipts and other miscellaneous items to bookmark the page, a bookmark would be easily loved. The main thing is to figure out how you would want the bookmark to look like. Bookmarks can either be quotes, pictures or a mixture of both. The finished product can be laminated and attached with a ribbon.

7. Customised mugs

Mugs are common wares in the house. Thus, why not consider customising a mug as a gift? You can easily have some pattern or memorable phrase printed on the mug. Afterwards, you would be pleased to see it being used as a natural part of the recipient's daily life.

8. Customised coasters

Is your person a fan of coffee or tea? No matter, customised coasters would be great for them, whether the beverage is hot or cold. It would prevent the beverage from spilling or forming condensation.

9. Soap

Though it might seem like a strange idea, you can consider making soap for the person. Just grab the appropriate materials at the store and you can make one according to a favourite flavour. Of course, this is not used for consumption.

10. Inside joke gifts

Last but not least, you can buy gifts that have significance in your relationship with the person. For instance, while a burger keychain may seem ordinary to others, you may have had a memorable joke regarding burgers. You can enclose a short message to honour the memory.

In conclusion, there are many gift ideas. It is up to you to choose the best one that would express your love and care for the recipient.

Written by : Katherine Khaw Ze Yun

Pencil sketch technique

Posted on July 22nd, 2016

Art is subjective. In a simple manner of categorising, one can divide these art forms into two: traditional and digital art. Though arguments have occasionally surfaced on the authenticity of digital art form and the difficulty of being neat for traditional art forms, they both require much skill. This cannot be denied. In relation to this matter, this article offers some pencil sketch techniques the artist may want to undertake for one's improvement.

The medium used to create the art is vital. In this case, it's a pencil sketch that the artist intends to create.

Firstly, it is important to know the basics. There are several types of pencil strokes that an artist should know. For example, there's the outline. A light or a heavy one can be produced depending on the pressure inflicted onto the paper. Holding your pencil closer to the nib would ensure better control over accuracy as well. Hatching is a technique used for shading by marking small lines together to fill colour in. Stipping is similar in the sense that the lines are smaller than hatching, thus looking like tiny dashes. Back and forth stroke has a resemblance as it is simply moving one's pencil back and front to enable a colour fill.

Next, in shading, variant pencil grades are frequently used. Usually pencil portraits would have shades done by pencil grades in B (Bold/Black) as it is easier to manipulate the lead on paper compared to pencil grades in H (Hard). It is advisable to practice shading on a separate sheet of paper with the preferred shading technique to minimise mistakes on the actual artwork.

After shading, blending should be considered. It would help shades to fit together without looking out of place, therefore depicting a natural and realistic look. Although some have used their own fingers to attempt blending in their younger days, it should not be done as it may ruin the artwork instead. The oils transferred may make adding or taking away the graphite tricky. Thus, use a tissue to minimise smudging as you blend the shades in a circular motion.

Then, practice drawing three-dimensional objects. Three-dimensional objects stand out from the page. First, begin with the geometric shapes such as a cube. For the three sides, different shades will be used to create the illusion. The side facing the light source will be shaded lightly, while the side facing away from the light source would be shaded darkly. The side that is neither facing toward or away from the light source would be shaded moderately.

After accomplishing this, it is necessary to move on to drawing spheres. The human face is often made up of spherical shapes, thus making this skill compulsory. As the sphere has no point of origin or axis to work with, it requires one's own imagination and sense of the shape. Spheres are everywhere: use it as your reference. It is possible that one would not be able to draw a sphere successfully on the first try. However, that is no reason to be dismayed.

Finally, with these basics, one should be able to attempt sketching more specific objects, places and persons. Practice makes perfect and remember, do not give up! Always be willing to improve and seek others who are like-minded, equally open and capable of offering advice.

Happy sketching!

Written by : Katherine Khaw Ze Yun

How to do sketch from photo using photoshop?

Posted on July 1st, 2016

Photos are often taken digitally in this time and age. Nonetheless, that does not mean that one cannot be creative with it. Sometimes, a person would desire an artistic twist to the picture. For instance, it could be edited with certain computer programs to enhance or achieve the style that is wanted. Pictures can be sharpened, grayscaled, multi-layered and many more. In this article, this would enclose a short step by step tutorial on how to create a sketch effect for a photo from Photoshop.

Photoshop is a program under Adobe. It is not a free program but a free trial can be downloaded after filling in a particular form of interest.

Based on the assumption that the reader already has Photoshop, it is time to get started. Depending on your skills, there are various ways to do it. The more tedious and detailed the process is, the better the sketch is likely to turn out.

Firstly, do not use the sketch filter in Photoshop. You are bound to be disappointed. It is not customised, thus some pictures may not be well-defined in that manner.

Next, it is important to use an image that is reasonable clear and with decent edge details. An image with 300 dpi (dots per inch) would be recommended.

After the image has been chosen and opened in Photoshop, convert the photo into grayscale mode (Ctrl + Shift + D / Cmd + Shift + D).

Then, duplicate the layer that has been grayscaled. You can do this by dragging it to the new layer icon, or pressing (Ctrl / Cmd + J). Now, based on the default way that the layers are named, you should have a layer labelled Background and a layer called Background copy.

Edit the Background copy layer by inverting it. Use (Ctrl / Cmd + I) to enable it. The colours will be reversed accordingly.

Afterward, edit Background copy's blending mode. Change it to Linear Dodge and you should be able to see a whitish image. You can use Colour Dodge for sharper edges.

Then, apply the Gaussian Blur effect. You can find this in the Filter tab. It will open a menu in which there is a tab called Blur, where you can identify the aforementioned effect. As you adjust the blur, you can see varying effects. Adjust until you are satisfied with the result.

Actually any filter can be used as long as it is able to create a significant difference between the layers. You are also encouraged to try different blending modes for different results. Take your time switching and skimming through the filters until you find the result that satisfies you.

Instead of the usual grayscaled sketch effect, you can also try something new. For instance, a sketch lined out in blue or maybe dark green. You can achieve this effect by adding a solid colour to the fill adjustment layer. Adjust the blend mode to colour so that only the colour would show through. Adjust the opacity as well.

You can also run a gradient to highlight the sketch effect as well.

Overall, there is one base method and the variations can be easily applied to achieve the effect that you would like best for your photo.

Written by : Katherine Khaw Ze Yun

Sketch canvas as home decoration

Posted on June 23rd, 2016

Sketch canvas can be used for many things. Even if one does not have the artistic skill to make one, Sketchmyphoto offers services that would enable anyone to have one. A physical copy can be made for the owner's usage. Sketch canvas, for example, can be really beautiful as home decoration, whether you are living in a landed property or a condominium. It is able to brighten and personalise one's home space.

Often times, people would have their canvas displayed in the living room. Here, guests are given the chance to marvel and appreciate its beauty. It is usually hung on an empty wall space behind the cushions or a television set. It is important to place your canvas in a strategic spot so that it does not remove the beauty of the home. Rather, it should add to its value.

The canvas can also be displayed in the bedroom. More often than not, the room looks lovely with a canvas hung above the bed. Depending on the owner's tastes, the canvas may depict nature, colours or even famous actors and actresses. Again, the canvas is meant to personalise the home and give it an artistic touch. Art, alongside with music, is known as a universal language. Using it to express oneself would add richness to one's character.

Not only that, canvas can be hung in the dining room where a group of people would gather together for meals. One can also use canvas to depict one's pictures with their family. This would be a suitable idea for married couples as well. Their children, friends and family members would grow up remembering their wall of memories, reminding them that it is vital to establish proper relationship ties to each other and one another.

Moreover, though this option would not be possible for everyone, the canvas can be hung as one goes up the staircase. This would mean that the canvas would be viewable along the staircase wall. This would be a brilliant way to decorate one's home as it is frequent that this section is left undecorated. While simple is best, using art to fill the wall is an idea to consider.

In fact, there may be other locations that have not been pointed out in this article. This is not an exhaustive list, but some places have been unmentioned due to certain reasons. For example, the washroom may not be a suitable area as water and other types of moisture may ruin the canvas. There may not be a designated place to hang it properly as well.

The canvas starts out blank, only to be decorated by a person's taste. For instance, the art could be abstract or related to a theme or a colour. It could be silhouettes, nature, persons and others. It depends on the type of home and how one would like to relate the artwork to its surroundings.

In conclusion, having a canvas displayed as home decoration is a commendable idea. It is able to represent a home and its owner effectively.

Written by : Katherine Khaw Ze Yun

How to make your own personalised gift using sketch?

Posted on June 17th, 2016

The giving of gifts is always a choice. Once that decision has been made, there are various things to consider. For example, what should the gift be? Should it be something essential or something related to an inside joke? Which gift would honour the relationship more, leading to a closer and healthier one? Also, one has to consider the budget.

Personalised gifts have become a norm. For instance, a handmade card may garner a better reaction compared to an item bought at a store. This is not to say that purchased items have no value, but the thought and effort put into something handmade or personalised is able to touch the recipient's heart. The recipient would feel loved and cared for in a deeper level.

Now, suppose that you have decided on a sketch of the person. This would be the personalised gift. However, perhaps you are unsure if your own artistic skills could achieve that magnificent feat. Luckily, there is not much to fear when the Internet is capable of providing for our needs. For example, Sketch My Photo at enables a person to order a sketch online. All they would have to do is to upload a clear photo and it would be delivered accordingly. A clear photo would be one that has a bright background, a close-up portrait with high resolution. There is an option for either a hardcopy or a softcopy. The end product would be a professional digital sketch creation.

There is a need for further elaboration, but one does not need to fear. Only a minimal amount of steps are required to execute this process of obtaining a personalised gift with Sketch My Photo. Firstly, upload the photo you intend to have as a sketch. There are several options, such as a digital sketch, a digital coloured sketch or even a retouch option to suit to the customer's preferences. Secondly, after selected a service, click the "Add to Cart" button. At last, confirm the purchase by clicking "proceed to checkout", an option made available when the Paypal's shopping cart pops up. It is a perfect idea as a gift as there would be no watermarks, maximum quality and guaranteed money back if found less than pleasing.

If the sketch is a softcopy, it can be gifted to the person's email as a card. If the sketch is ordered as a hardcopy, there are creative ways to utilise the gift. For instance, after the sketch has been received, it does not need to be kept aside. Instead, it can be used as a decoration in the home or simply framed up. It is also handy souvenir for friends that you would not see often, giving them a memory of who you are with this striking gift. It would not just be a photo, as you have chosen it for the person plus deciding to have it sketched. It would be a personalised gift that the recipient would remember fondly.

Thus, using sketch to make a personalised gift would be a highly recommended step for all to consider at least once in their lives.

Written by : Katherine Khaw Ze Yun

Wedding Gift Ideas.

Posted on June 2nd, 2016

Wedding bells are ringing and you have no idea what to get that childhood friend of yours for her wedding without going broke for a month? Weddings are memorable occasions in which a sacred union is formed between two individuals to be cherished at all times. As such, getting the right gift for the right couple (without going broke) is extremely important but fret not, we are here to solve your woes.

1. Adventure Gear

Whether it be to Paris, the City of Love or the Bahamas Islands, every couple has that desire to travel somewhere together after they get married. Find out the couple's favourite travel destination or honeymoon destination and come up with a few thoughtful gifts to make their trip more meaningful and special. Throw in matching beach towels, sunscreen and fancy sunglasses for a beach vacation. Or mix it up and include a Polaroid camera, travel guides and road maps for a theme park vacation.

2. Dinner or Dessert for Two

For the food-loving couple, include a couple of tickets to their favourite gourmet restaurant or bar. Alternatively, pack together the couple's favourite desserts, some recipe cookbooks, seasonings and spices, a bottle of wine and some candles for a romantic candlelight dinner session. Include a couple of romantic CDs as well.

3. Potted Plants

Potted plants make adorable wedding gifts as they serve as a reminder for the newlyweds to continue to grow in their love and adoration for each other. When the plants blossom, it brings back memories of when their friendship first blossomed into romance. Besides, it helps to enhance their relationship even more when they learn to take care of something together. Whether the couple likes gardening or not, it is never a bad idea to gift them with a potted plant or potted herbs which can make fresh, flavourful meals for years to come.

4. Sports Equipment

For the sporty couple, get them something they can both enjoy as a couple. Memberships to a local gym or to their favourite Zumba class make great gifts for couples who like to work out and be fit together. If they like cycling, get them a tandem bicycle or better known as a couple bicycle for light-hearted cycling sessions. Why not include a couple of tickets for massages and spa sessions after all the hard work? Groupon is a great place to start scouring for great deals on these gifts.

5. Personalised gifts

The best gifts are often the ones that are sweet and thoughtful yet do not cost a lot. Consider putting together a collage of the couple's love story ---photos from when they first started dating up until their wedding --- and frame it up nicely to make a wall-worthy piece of art. Other thoughtful options include designing a custom set of mugs, cute couple T-shirts as well as making a cross-stitch of the couple for the newlyweds. Alternatively, gift them with a professional digital sketch creation from Upload their wedding photo onto the website to immortalise their special moments onto a sketch worthy of hanging in their new home.

Wedding season is undeniably an expensive season but with a little creativity and help from Groupon or StreetDeal, you can bring a smile onto the couple's faces. Not only that, your wallet will thank you as well.

Written by : Ashley Kho Jia Yik

DIY Christmas gift ideas.

Posted on May 24th, 2016

Have you often stumbled upon what present you wanted to buy for Christmas? Do you wanted to try and make your own Christmas present gifts for your loved ones? Well, you have come to the right spot! We have just a few of the gift ideas and tips for you in this coming Christmas.

1. Family Keychain

Spending Christmas with your loved ones as well as your family would be more meaningful when you gave a keychain with their sketches or pictures in it. provides digital services which include digital sketch (with or without color), sketch printings, posters in which you could upload your photo to them and they will do the printing. Having a family keychain allows us to remembering family members and it could be a source of motivation to bring you a smile when you are having a bad time.

2. Vintage Photo Canvas

Modern photo potraits have become bland and we often wanted to be unique when sending gifts during Christmas. Some modern pictures could time travelled back to the age where color printing have yet to exist. By using modern photo to be printed in black and white, it gives a different feel just by creating effects on the same picture. Some vintage pictures would even look professional and they looked lovely when hanging up on their home.

3. Decorated Mug

Ever wanted to use a little of your creativity? Well then, a decorated mug would be a good choice for you as present to your friends or family this Christmas. A simple mug could transform into an artistic mug just by using a marker pen. Just buy an empty mug and start drawing your friend's or family's favorite action figures and simple icons could lighten up the mug to be unique. You never know when your artistic drawings on the mug could bring joy and laughter to your loved ones.

4. Homemade Cat / Dog Treats

Do you have a friend that has cats or dogs and you always wanted to give them something unique? Well, this could be the one for you. Simply refer to the recipe links below for cats and or dogs, and you can start make your own DIY cat / dog treats to be gifted to your friends. The recipes are relatively simple to do and it could be done with not much effort.


In a nutshell, these four tips are just tip of the iceberg of what you could be giving to your friends and families in this Christmas. There are tons of ideas out there in which you could homemade your present. What matters most is that you spend your effort and time to make the present yourself, and that's all that matters, no? So, I do hope you enjoy a nice Christmas ahead, and wish you have a happy holidays.

If you liked this article, do click a like and also do drop comments on what you plan to give to your friends and families in this Christmas. Thanks.

Written by : Kanchelski Teh Jyh Perng

Photo to Pencil Sketching

Posted on May 12th, 2016

What is pencil sketching? There are two types of pencil sketching that we usually see. The first type of pencil sketch is by handmade which an artist uses his ability to copy the image he sees and draw it into a paper. Another type of pencil sketch is by using digital software that allows the software to scan the image and reconstruct the image into a pencil sketch like image.

Photo sketch is a wonderful way to show your pictures in your house. Your house can be decorated with beautiful pictures of pencil sketches which give an artistic impression when your friends or relatives comes to visit. Your relatives, friends and guests will definitely be impressed and amazed when they see the gorgeous pictures of your sketches in your house.

In tourist spots all around the world, there are always artists with the ability to sketch out amazing photos of you or anything that they see! However, it does take time for the artist to be able to complete the sketching and sometimes even days if the sketch has a lots of details. How do you feel when you look at the drawing of the artist after he sketches your portrait? It feels wonderful isn't it to see you own picture with almost realistic and the image like of your own face.

Did you know, the law enforcement also uses pencil sketches to determine the faces of the criminal with the help of a witness. What's even more impressive is that the artist need to draw the face with only by the description of the artist.

Now, imagine yourself climbing up a mountain and to see a beautiful view of the mountain but then there is no artist to sketch that view. You could only take photos of the view and therefore not be able to have sketches of the mountain image. Fret not, this is where digital sketches come in play. To have your photo be digitally sketched, all you need is photo taken from a digital camera or smart phones and use software like Adobe Photoshop to create your own pencil sketches. However, if you decided to avoid all the hassle of photo editing, will help you edit your pictures and they even have touch up option which allow your pictures to look better.

With, you can get your own photo sketches in an instant, just upload your own picture into the website and wait for an email to be sent to you. You will get a beautiful sketch of your own photo and if you want to get a more realistic and better image, you could always go for the option touch up which require their digital artist to edit and Photoshop your pictures. However, do note that if you opt for the touch up photo, you may need to wait for a few days for them to process your picture. can help you become an artist that create beautiful pencil sketches from your photos and shows your friends how nice it is to have pencil sketches of your pictures.

Written by : Reuben Roibol

What to buy for anniversary gifts?

Posted on May 6th, 2016

What's the day!! It was anniversary day, where is my gift!!!! When hear off the word of anniversary of course, it could relate with biggest shock that want to be present to someone else. In commonly, when wish the anniversary that could be first word with the congratulations! Now it could be little shock when surprise him or her with the gifts.

If you're looking for the anniversary gifts, you will pick up something that touch or themed meaningful to her or him. Nowadays, more modern world couples looking through the newer theme of their first year anniversary gift which can make them happy in the life. It doesn't be matter either you choose most marvelous and better as one but your anniversary gift will be surely memorable to that person!!!!

Over this, most modern couples like to use or surprise their gifts with the in term to keep their memorable pictures makes happiest their life. It really doesn't have be a good idea but it can make some couples to be tight in relationship onward to make them memorable back the past what did they done with using the past pictures and edited at Choose a picture that memorable of your first date, of course your spouse or girlfriend will liked it. Before you being rapped it, make sure the photo that you give is pretty and remember for forever!

To keep the heart touch of your spouse, give a special teddy bear with the red roses where it can attract her. Teddy bear with red roses is a second change to touch the anniversary day where not at all couples will present it! But somewhere some couples could present it as their spouse or girlfriend like it. Not only the teddy bear and red roses are for the wishes but use the almond chocolate with a big boutique of flowers for the anniversary gifts. Be wish a beautiful anniversary day with giving a teddy bear and red roses to keep their heart being touchable.

Time is going on your side. You're thinking of so much but the good way to celebrate the anniversary with your spouse or girlfriend through the watch themed gift. For special touch keep in track, hit up with the elegant Movado wristwatch or Paris polo club where it can be cherish your life. The starting day with a smile of pretty and beautiful of your spouse or girlfriend with the official pocket watch that can be heart touching her. As your husband love new modern gadgets, hook him up with the latest technology smartphones or gadgets. Do you want to more surprise, keep giving the modern tech gifts to enable your anniversary day keep on going with the beautiful and meaningful day!!

Celebrate your anniversary with special care touch, keep a track to somewhere ceremony or abroad travelling to make your spouse or girlfriend peace in mind. Currently, not all the couples will do this, but when you have done it, of course your anniversary day could be very surprise to your spouse. Even the gift of travelling could be more luxury to your spouse where it can make you feel in teenagers love and getting head to date with more relief each other. Basically, if your happiness be one of the greatest it couldn't be problem in relationship. If you're thinking to make your anniversary day happier, be celebrating it among your friends or family to ensure your spouse being enjoyed and happy for that moment.

It doesn't matter what you do, keep celebrate your date with a good anniversary day ahead with a love and coming up future together. Actually, it is just a beginning of gift. In other word actually, what to buy for anniversary gift? Wrap the gift with the beautiful and pretty blinking paper to make your spouse like it. Make sure the gift you're giving being memorable for next year anniversary. Be ready for next year and coming anniversary day gifts, which can make your life lustful and peace of relationship!!!!Think orderly before getting into deep of the year!!! Because if once you're giving the anniversary gift makes sure it being liked by your spouse.

Be surprise and be surprise for upcoming anniversary day! You're lucky person to wish the anniversary day with lovely gifts with full of happiness!!!! Congratulations to you! May your relationship be for forever.

Written by : Neshesaatri Rao A/L Apparao

10 gift ideas for men

Posted on April 26th, 2016

When it comes to buying a gift for a man it can turn into a challenge, especially if he has everything that he wants. When it comes to women, many of them are satisfied with gifts such as jewelry, flowers and chocolates. Whether you are looking for a gift for your dad, boyfriend or a teacher or other important men in your life these gift ideas might be the way to guide you on your shopping trip!

1. A high capacity powerbank ( Portable External battery chargers )
For the man in your life who is always on the go at work or travelling, getting him a high capacity powerbank as a gift will be a blessing to him. You can get him a powerbank with 10,000mAH-15,000mAH that can charge up a smartphone up to 5 times or an ipad to a full charge.

2. A sketch from
Give the special man in your life a sketch of himself or a significant picture that is special for him through is a website that allows you to get a sketched made by a professional digital sketch. You will be able to get a sketch of the picture that you want easily instead of having to having to sit around and wait for someone to sketch the picture. He will definitely appreciate the thoughtful gift.

3. A box of chocolate from Godiva
For the man in your life who has a sweet tooth or simply someone who enjoys a box of chocolate, getting him chocolates from Godiva will surely make him happy. Godiva offers a variety of chocolate flavors that suits your budget.

4. A gaming console ( PS4 OR XBOX One)
Giving a gaming console as a gift for the special man in your life will surely makes him happy. It will relieve their stress by jumping into another world by playing the games. By having a console at home might also be an advantage when it comes to family bonding since there is a 2 or even 4 player option.

5. A Massage voucher
When you give someone a massage gift vouchers its saying so much more than giving someone a voucher to spend it on amazon which is equivalent to giving them money. It is a way to tell them to have a pampering time / relaxation time away from all the heavy work.

6. A smartwatch from Apple or Samsung
Most men will always be attracted to gadgets. The smartwatch that you give them as a gift will help them to check on their notifications such as text, calls and emails more conveniently. Checking our phone seems to be the need to do on a daily basis nowadays. By having a smartwatch this will help to dismiss this issue.

7. A silk tie
A silk tie will add a special sheen for a man's outfit. Silk has a luxurious softness and look to them that will help put the whole outfit together. Although it is a luxurious item, it is definitely more affordable than a Rolex watch.

8. A cologne
Giving cologne as a gift is a safe option although you need to know which scent will suit him the most. It's not difficult to research some new and classic scents over the internet that might suit the special man in your life.

9. A pajama set
A pajama set is not usually an item that a man would purchase themselves. By getting the special man in your life a pajama set you are being thoughtful by letting them know that you care for them enough to wear a comfortable outfit after a long day at work.

10. A Dumbbell set
If the special man in your life is too busy that he doesn't have time to work out, getting him a dumbbell set will help to motivate him to start working out. Getting exercise does not have to lead to losing weight but it can really help with our health. There are a lot of option offline and online for you to choose the best adjustable dumbbell sets.

Written by : Rafinka Putri

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