Sketchmyphoto is a professional digital sketch creation for portrait, pets, couple, building, scenery or other memorable moments. Never sit around at the street again to have someone sketch for you.

You can do it instantly by uploading your photo right in front of your computer.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert photo to sketch?
A : With 3 easy steps, first is to upload your color photo. At the second screen, select a service and choose "Add to Cart" button. Finally, choose "Proceed to checkout" in the Paypal's shopping cart pop up.

Where can I get the sketch of digital sketch service?
A : The sketch for digital sketch service will be sent to your email (the one you used when registering with paypal).

How long will it take for a digital sketch?
A : Instantly. The digital sketch is done immediately and send to your email within minutes.

Why I still don't get my sketch in my email for digital sketch service after payment?
A : Check it in your junk email. Some time it might be filtered out by your email service into junk mail folder. The digital sketch will be sent to your email registered with paypal. Please contact us if you want the sketch to be sent to alternative email. If you still don't get your sketch, please email us ASAP at

My upload took long time? Is there anything wrong or is there any alternative?
A : Normally upload takes a long time because your photo's file size is too large(>1 Mbytes). If you want to experience a faster upload, you could use a smaller size photo by downsizing your photo. If you want to try out our digital sketch service, you can alternatively email a larger photo with better quality to

What are the photo criterias to produce a good sketch?
A : A clear photo with brighter background will produce a better sketch. Recommended photo resolution at minimum of (1024 x 768) or (768 x 1024). Look at our tips to choose a good photo for sketch.

What can I do with the sketch I ordered?
A : For all our paid service, you can do anything with the sketch as long as you have the copyright of the original photo that you have uploaded.

When can I expect physical products to be shipped?
A : For all our physical products, it should be delivered about 1 week upon customer approval.

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